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QEWFA (Quality Education and Water For All) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Tucson, AZ. QEWFA provides innovative and viable solutions to bring essential drinking water to rural areas in Africa’s western region.

QEWFA teams have constructed high-quality solar-powered water well systems, bolstered by sustainable community education and training. The projects have measurable outcomes: remarkable improvements in public health, a reduction in child mortality, and a tremendous increase in the numbers of educated youth and adults. 

Our proven approach, with verifiable results, demonstrates that investing in QEWFA helps create sustainable, healthy and prosperous communities. 

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Meet The Team


Yao Akato here, I am the Founder & CEO of Quality Education & Water For All (QEWFA). I am originally from Togo, West Africa but have been living in the US for the last 11 years. I have always had a passion for helping people and being a beacon of change and improvement. It has been my life’s goal to help women and children from a very young age and It means the world to me that these goals are coming to reality. What made me want to start this organization was the realization I received during my first trip back home only to see that nothing had really changed in the 10 years I had been gone. I knew that I had to act and be the change I wanted to see.


My name is Komlavi and I have taken on the position of Treasurer. I went to vocational school to study carpentry. I am currently the lead in a project that advocates for young women and teaches them to manage their finances. I am a native of Togo, West Africa and am excited to see the massive impact we have on many more villages to come.


I’m Jaque Anderson, I’m the Project Manager for Quality Education & Water For All (QEWFA). I went to school here in Togo for Marketing and Agricultural Sciences. I currently manage an after school program that helps kids with reading as well as developing skills necessary to play soccer. I have overseen several projects for organizations similar to QEWFA in the past and am excited to bring my experience and skill sets to QEWFA and really effect change in the communities.


 Hi I’m Kawi. I’m the Advisor for Quality Education & Water For All. I am a native of Togo, West Africa. I attended vocational school for communications. Sense graduating from there I am a lead for the biggest broadcasting radio station in Togo. I plan to bring my skill sets and knowledge base to QEWFA and really spread the word about what QEWFA is doing in and around our community. I have been the POC between the villages and other organizations that have come to Togo planning to do similar things, QEWFA has set the bar much higher and I’m excited to team up and really get things done.


I am Attipupu, the Secretary for Quality Education camp; Water For All (QEWFA). I too am a native of Togo and have lived here all of my life. I am an account manager at a banking institution in Lome and have managed local grocery stores here in the past.