Bringing Clean Water to Tovegan Agbessia: QEWFA’s Latest Triumph!

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the water well digging in Tovegan Agbessia, a vibrant village in Togo! This milestone marks a significant step towards providing clean drinking water to the local community, which has long struggled with access to safe water.

The villagers, who once relied on dirty, unsafe water sources, will now enjoy the benefits of clean, drinkable water. Our dedicated team is currently constructing the structure for the water tank house, and we aim to inaugurate this new well by late October.

The Journey to Clean Water

Tovegan Agbessia is our third project, following the successful initiatives in Katoe and Batoume. Each project has its unique challenges and triumphs, but the goal remains the same: to provide essential clean water to those in need.

The Katoe Project

Our first large-scale project took place in Katoe, a small village about 118 KM from Lomé, Togo’s capital. Before our intervention, villagers faced treacherous journeys to gather stagnant water, often teeming with bacteria and other contaminants. The lack of clean water contributed to poor health, low school attendance, and persistent sickness. In April 2021, we installed a solar-powered water well, transforming the lives of over 2,000 people by providing them with safe drinking water, improving hygiene, and increasing school attendance.

The Batoume Project

In Batoume, a village in the prefecture of Haho, we tackled similar issues. The villagers relied on rainwater and had to walk miles in search of water once it ran out. The water sources were contaminated with harmful bacteria, posing severe health risks. Our project in Batoume provided a much-needed clean water source, significantly improving the community’s health and enabling children to attend school regularly.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Our mission at QEWFA is to bring clean drinking water to as many people as possible. You can be part of this life-changing work by supporting our initiatives in various ways:

  • Travel With Us: Experience the impact firsthand by joining our “Travel With Us” program. You can help inaugurate the new well in Tovegan Agbessia this October. Register here.
  • Donate: Contribute to our GoFundMe campaign, become a monthly donor, sponsor a child, or even sponsor a well.
  • Spread the Word: Encourage your family and friends to support QEWFA in honor of special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or in memory of loved ones.

Together, we can give the gift of clean water and create lasting change in these communities. Your participation in our fundraising initiatives and efforts to spread awareness about our organization brings us closer to making our mission a reality.

Let’s celebrate these achievements and continue to work towards a future where everyone has access to clean drinking water. Thank you for your unwavering support!

For more information and updates, visit our website at QEWFA.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing projects and how you can get involved. Together, we are making a difference!